Litigation Management

A two-prong approach - strategy and cost containment.
When it comes to litigation management, our claims professionals are unmatched in their knowledge of diverse industries, which include manufacturing, hospitality, construction, retail, and consumer products and services. They are also knowledgeable about the unique challenges faced by government entities ranging from municipalities and schools to transit districts and airports.

Managing litigation is an important function a TPA can perform for a client to avoid excess billing and to reduce the overall cost of claims.


reduction in litigation costs

Our Approach

Our philosophy is to manage litigation from a two-prong approach – strategy and cost containment. The success of litigation management is the tripartite relationship between the client, examiner, and defense counsel where communication, an understanding of claims philosophy, and mutual respect result in proper decision making, cost containment, and, where appropriate, early resolution.

Our claims and litigation experts seek early resolution of claims and utilize mediation resources whenever possible. However, when claims do reach the litigation stage, Carl Warren directs counsel towards the most cost-efficient action plans that are consistent with our clients’ objective.

We have partnerships with law firms nationwide and can always make recommendations when needed. Carl Warren is a member of the Claims and Litigation Management Alliance (CLM).