Why Are Accident Investigations So Important?

November 3, 2017. Memories fade over time… so the better the initial accident investigation, the better prepared you will be for the claim or lawsuit.  In this eUpdate, employee-owners Emily Gutierrez and Chris Kustra identify key elements to conduct a comprehensive accident investigation. They address preserving evidence, collecting facts and witness statements, ensuring photos paint […]

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Carl Warren Gearing Up for Employee Ownership Month

October 1, 2017. What is Employee Ownership Month? Employee Ownership Month (EOM) occurs every year in October and is an opportunity for ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan) companies across the nation to educate employee-owners, the public and government officials about the benefits of employee ownership. Here at Carl Warren, EOM is a time for us […]

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Welcome Everett Berry, Claims Manager

CARL WARREN HIRES EVERETT BERRY AS CLAIMS MANAGER FOR NATIONAL ACCOUNTS TUSTIN, CA, October 4, 2017. Carl Warren has hired Everett Berry as a Claims Manager to oversee our National Accounts book of business. Everett has over 20 years of experience handling and managing claims teams. He was previously a Regional Claims Manager at Alliance […]

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