Greening our Business

Greening our Business

June 27, 2018.

RIMS Golden Gate Chapter: Field Trip to Recology Recap

The increasing awareness of climate change and environmental problems are often featured in the news.  When an opportunity arises in the risk management industry, Carl Warren takes proactive measures to help our employee-owners learn more about recycling, becoming greener, and how to live life more sustainably.

Earlier this month, our employee-owners, Parmit Randhawa and Sandra Lione, attended the RIMS Golden Gate Chapter’s Field Trip to a Recology recycling facility in San Francisco, California.  During this field trip, they were able to learn more about the recycling industry, how our recyclables are processed in Recology’s facilities and a behind the scenes tour of the entire processing center and the end product facility with other RIMS members.  Below are photos from their visit.

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Recology, a fellow ESOP company, is a client of Carl Warren.  They are headquartered in San Francisco, California and operate in over 132 communities in California, Oregon, and Washington, serving over 700,000 residential and 100,000 commercial customers. in an effort to divert materials and waste from landfills, Recology partners with municipalities to implement recycling and zero waste programs as well as discover new ways to process and reuse waste to re-purposed new products.  They also sponsor an Art Program where 6 professional artists out of 1,000+ applications are chosen every year to design and create art from recyclables at a location near their facilities and the San Francisco Airport.


Greening our Business

At Carl Warren, our continued efforts to “go green” is not only a good business practice, it is environmentally and socially a responsible manner.  Recycling takes little effort on our part, but it makes a big difference to our world.  Below are our practices on “greening” our environment at the workplace:

– “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” Flyer by our local waste management are distributed in common office space
– Some of our offices recycle paper that does not contain sensitive information
– Some of our offices recycle empty plastic and glass bottles
– Some of our offices stack cardboard boxes for the janitor with a note that states “Recycle/Reciclaje”
– We have unsubscribed from traditional mail publications and opted for emailed subscriptions instead.
– Plastic utensils
– Our employee-owners recycle our electronics.  Retailers like Best Buy and Staples have programs for trading in used electronics or recycling older devices.  Our IT Department does a thorough erase of all sensitive information on the devices
– Providing our employee-owners with CW coffee mugs to eliminate the use of paper cups.
– Purchasing and composting friendly Keurig cups

Other practices that we implement besides recycling is to reduce our carbon footprint by:

– Encouraging more webinars or video messaging, i.e. Skype/Facetime with clients and partners, where appropriate, to eliminate and to do our part in reducing traffic.
– Rideshare, where appropriate, to business meetings, events/conferences, or even to the office.
– Reducing energy usage by powering off all devices and monitor screens at the end of the workday
– Implementing The Cloud
– Reducing our water usage