When Pipes Go Pop: Dealing With Freeze-Related Claims

January 17, 2018. Now that temperatures are setting new historic lows, here’s a repost of CLM’s Jan 2017 article “When Pipes Go Pop”. A thorough investigation of freeze-related claims may identify failure modes involving human error that were simply brought to light by Mother Nature. When Pipes Go Pop It’s Not Always Mother Nature’s Fault […]

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To Defend Or Not To Defend in Construction Defect Cases

December 28, 2017. To Defend Or Not To Defend: The Dilemma for Carriers, Subcontractors, and their Counsel in Construction Defect Cases Don Soto of Carl Warren & Company, James Hailey of Lewis, Brisbois, Bisgaard & Smith, LLP, Jayne Pittman of Conroy Simberg and Caryn Siebert of CLM Advisors presented the content of this article at the […]

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Building the Best. How to Develop Talent in a Claims Organization.

November 27, 2017. How to Develop Talent in a Claims Organization From onboarding and training programs to defining career paths and removing roadblocks, Chris Kustra addresses “How to Develop Talent in a Claims Organization” in the November issue of CLM Magazine. “The ultimate goal of every claims professional should be to get the right price […]

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