What is an ESOP?

In 1975, Carl Warren became an entirely employee-owned corporation using an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). Our ESOP now owns 100% of the Company.

Carl Warren offers our employees the ESOP to supplement their retirement income.  Employee-owners are eligible to participate in this plan after one year of employment.  The ESOP is a 100% company-funded plan.  As employee-owners, we have greater stake in the company and a greater opportunity to reap the rewards of capital ownership.  This means that managing the business is a shared responsibility by all employee-owners.  Learn More
Every employee who meets certain basis eligibility requirements has an account in the ESOP trust automatically set up for them. Each year, Carl Warren may contribute to the ESOP in cash or shares. Shares that are purchased (or paid for) are then added to participants’ accounts, either as a uniform percent of pay or as earnings on shares previously allocated. On retirement, death, or disability, employees are entitled to receive the cash value of their vested shares. ESOP’s allow employees to share directly in the success they are helping to create.

This is what our employees are saying…

Business Development

A large part of our client's loyalty is because of our dedicated employee-owners that are committed to going the extra mile.

Claims Supervisor

Being a part of an ESOP Company means that every employee matters and you know that your job is important to the big picture.

Claims Examiner

I take pride in knowing that what we accomplish daily will pay off in the long-run and that excites me.